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 Chapter 16 - Water Conservation
Article I - Emergency Water User
1.01 Natural disasters, conflagrations, or major accidents
1.02 Shutoffs
1.03 Salvage
1.04 Chlorination
1.05 Boiling of Water
Article II - Chronic Shortage Conditions
2.01 Chronic Shortages
2.02 Declaration
2.03 Lawn and Garden Watering
2.04 Swimming Pools
2.05 Municipal Conservation Programs
2.06 Publicity
Article 3 – Administration and Enforcement
3.01 Administration
3.02 Variances
3.03 Interpretation
3.04 Judicial Appeals
3.05 Seperability
3.06 Penalties for Violation
3.07 Corrective Action
3.08 Effective Date

Article 1 – Emergency Water Use

Section 1.01    Natural disasters, conflagrations, or major accidents
In all emergency situations the protection of human lives and property will have the highest priority.

Section 1.02    Shutoffs
All mains and curb stops in the affected area not needed for emergency service will be shut off by water utility personnel during rescue operations and prior to cleanup activities.

Section 1.03    Salvage
The intention is to reduce incidental damage during cleanup operations

Section 1.04    Chlorination
Increased chlorination is an additional factor of safety to assure a safe supply of water.  Portable chlorination units may be transported to the impacted area and used for this purpose.

Section 1.05    Boiling of Water
In the event the safety or integrity of potable water service is compromised by line breaks or equipment malfunctions, citizens will be advised to boil their water used for potable purposes.  Public notice of this recommended action, together with boiling instruction will be given.  Police and other municipal employees and equipment may be employed in making announcements in the affected area, posting of public notices and issuing news releases.

Article 2 – Chronic Shortage Conditions

Section 2.01    Chronic Shortages
Procedures described in this article are for circumstances related to the development of chronic shortage situations, such as seasonal water shortages, pressure drops, or increased consumption.

Section 2.02    Declaration
The declaration of a chronic shortage situation will be issued by the village president, explaining the situation, the expected duration (if such is reasonably possible), the sequential actions which will take place and the penalties for violations.  The actions will remain in affect until rescinded.

Section 2.03    Lawn and Garden Watering
Watering of lawns and gardens initially will be restricted to between 20:00 and 08:00.  Occupants with even numbered residences or other structures will be permitted to water lawns and gardens on even numbered days, and occupants of odd numbered residences and other structures, on odd numbered days.  By proclamation of the Village President, following the issuance of the initial declaration, all lawn and garden watering may be prohibited if conditions warrant.

Section 2.04    Swimming Pools
The refilling of swimming pools will be prohibited until further notice.

Section 2.05    Municipal Conservation Programs
All municipal departments will be enjoined to restrict activities calling for heavy water consumption.  Including in this category are the testing and clearing of fire hydrants, the cleaning of water mains, the conduct of fire drills, street washing, sewer flushing, and the watering of public areas.

Section 2.06    Publicity
The declaration of chronic shortage situation will be preceded and followed by a wide based public relations program stating the enactment.

Article 3 – Administration and Enforcement

Section 3.01    Administration
The administration of this ordinance shall be the responsibility of the water department.

Section 3.02    Variances
Variances from the regulatory standards of this ordinance may be granted in accordance with the noted below.  No variance shall be granted unless the applicant for the variance can demonstrate that:
a)    an exceptional economic or other hardship would result without the variance;
b)    the relief granted is the minimum necessary;
c)    there will be no additional threat to public health, welfare or safety or the creation of a nuisance; and
d)    no additional public expense will result.

Section 3.03    Interpretation
In the interpretation and application of this ordinance, the provisions expressed herein shall be held to be the minimum requirements and shall be liberally construed in favor of the Village of Pearl City and shall not be deemed a limitation or repeal of any other powers granted by State statutes.

Section 3.04    Judicial Appeals
Any party shall have the right to appeal decisions of the Village of Pearl City pertaining to this ordinance before the Circuit Court of Stephenson County.

Section 3.05    Seperability
If any section, clause, provision, or portion, of this ordinance is ruled unconstitutional or invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the remainder of this ordinance shall not be affected thereby.

Section 3.06    Penalties for Violation
Violation of the provisions of this ordinance or failure to comply with any of it’s requirements, including conditions and safeguards established in connection with variances or special use permits shall constitute a misdemeanor.  Any person who violates this ordinance, or who fails to comply with any of its requirements, shall upon conviction thereof be fined not more than 50 dollars, and in addition, shall pay all costs and expenses involved in the case.  Each day such violation continues shall be considered a separate offense.

Section 3.07    Corrective Action
Nothing herein contained shall prevent the Village of Pearl City from taking such other lawful action as is necessary to prevent or remedy any violation.  All such costs connected therewith shall accrue to the person or persons responsible.

Section 3.08    Effective Date
This ordinance shall be in full force and effect form and after its passage, approval and publication, as approved by law.