Chapter 11 - Streets, Sidewalks & Snow Removal
Article I - Streets and Sidewalks
1 Construction
2 Specifications
3 Village Contribution
4 Planting Trees
Article II - Snow Removal
6 Parking after Snowfall - Business District
7 Parking after Snowfall - Other Areas
8 Towing Away
9 Storage; Notification
10 Disposal
11 Penalties

Article I.  Streets and Sidewalks.

Sec. 11-1  Construction.

No person, firm or corporation, in the Village of Pearl City, Illinois, shall construct new concrete sidewalks along the streets of said Village for public purposes nor make substantial repairs on the same, except by first obtaining a permit for such purpose from the Village Clerk of said Village.  Application shall be made for such purpose to the Village Clerk, and such application shall then be referred to the Street and Alley Committee, who, upon investigation the same, shall recommend the approval or rejection of the same by the Village Clerk, and in the event the same is approved, such Committee shall provide and furnish specifications for such improvement.

Sec. 11-2  Specifications.

All street and sidewalk pavements shall be made in conformity with the specifications laid down or approved from tine to time by the President and Board of Trustees.

a)    Sidewalks must maintain a depth of no less than four-inches and a four-foot width consisting of a compacted sub-soil or gravel material.
b)    Concrete for the base of the sidewalk shall be a "5" bag or stronger mix or, if mixed by hand, shall be in the proportion of one part cement to two and one halfs parts sand to five parts gravel, each being measured seperately,  deposited on a level water-tight platform and thoroughly mixed dry to uniform color.  Water shall be added and the mass turned until thoroughly mixed.  When a mechanical mixer is used, concrete equivalent in quality to that specified shall be use.
c)    A glazed of slippery surface is prohibited.  On grades exceeding five percent, the surface shall be slightly roughened by means of a grooving tool, toothed roller or suitable tool.
d)    All tree roots likely to cause heaving or spreading of the walk shall be removed.
e)    No person shall erect or maintain any downspout or pipe from the eaves or roof of any building, constructed in such a manner as to discharge rain water or surface water upon any sidewalk.

Sec. 11-3  Village Contribution

The Village, by reason of the public benefit received in the making of such improvement, shall pay for the concrete as part of the cost thereof.  The homeowner will be responsible for the labor costs.  Reimbursement cost require an inspection of the work performed and a receipt of materials (concrete) used.

Sec. 11-4  Planting Trees.

It shall be unlawful for any person to plant any tree or shrub in any public street, parkway, space between the sidewalk and street, or other public places, without first having secured a permit therefor.  Application for such permit shall be made to the Village Clerk, and shall be referred by him to the Board of Trustees for action.  All trees and shrubs so planted shall be placed subject to the directions of the Board of Trustees.

Sec. 11-5  Responsibilities; liabilities

a)    The owner and occupant of land abutting the street dedication or right of way upon which a sidewalk exists shall keep and maintain such sidewalk free and clear of ice and snow.  Such persons shall remove snow from such sidewalk within twelve hours after the cessation of any snowfall.
b)    No person shall exhibit, stand or store any merchandise, machinery, junk, or other materials on the parkway section, between the curb line and the property line of any street.
c)    No person shall paint, print, or right on any sidewalk without the permission of the Council.
d)    No person shall at any time whatsoever, deposit, place, shovel, dump, or throw any snow or ice upon any street, alley, or public way.
e)    No person shall sweep, deposit, thow, place, discharge, or allow to flow, in any gutter, street, sidewalk, or other public place any solid waste, stable matter or hazardous waste from any building, lot, sidewalk, or driveway.
f)    No section of this chapter shall be construed to apply fallen leaves.  It is permissible to deposit leaves, during the prescribed period of leaf removal determined by the streets committee, on streets, adjacent to the curb line, for rmoval by the Division of Streets.

Article II.  Snow Removal.

Sec. 11-6  Parking after Snowfall - Business District.

No person shall park a motor vehicle on any street in the central business district of the Village of Pearl City during the period of midnight following the cessation of any snowfall and continuing until the hour of 6:00 a.m., nor during the corresponding periods on succeeding mornings, until the snow on the particular roadway has been plowed or removed.  The central business district of the Village of Pearl City is defined as Main Street between South Street and North Street and Devore Street between East Street and Main Street.

Sec. 11-7  Parking after Snowfall - Other Areas.

On all other streets in the village, outside of the central business district, parking of motor vehicles after the cessation of a snowfall until the snow on a particular roadway has been plowed or removed, shall be restricted and prohibited as follows:

(a)    Upon the accumulation of any snow cover, all vehicles on odd days of the month shall park on the side of such street where the addresses have odd numbers until such time as the snow cover is removed, either by plowing or by melting.  Parking on the even side of the street on such odd days of the month after a snow cover and before removal of the snow by plowing or melting shall be prohibited until such removal of snow from the parking lanes.

(b)    Upon the accumulation of any snow cover, all vehicles on the even days of the month shall park on the side of the street having even numbered addresses until such snow cover has been removed by melting or plowing.  Parking on the odd side of the street on such even days of the month after a snow cover and before removal of the snow by plowing or melting, shall be prohibited until such removal of snow from the parking lanes.

(c)    During the period when the parking is prohibited by this ordinance on a particular side of a particular street, motor vehicles may be parked on the opposite side of such street regardless of other ordinances of the village or posted signs prohibiting parking generally on such opposite side.

(d)    The provisions of this ordinance do not apply on summit Street between Sheridan Street and North Street or on North Street between Summit Street and First Street during school hours or school activities.

Sec. 11-8  Towing Away.

Any violation of the parking of this ordinance is declared to create emergency situations and vehicles parking in violation of this ordinance may be immediately towed away by the village.

Sec. 11-9  Storage; Notification.

In all cases where the vehicle has been towed away under this ordinance, the vehicles may be stored on city property or on commercial parking lots.  After towing away, every effort will be made to notify the owner of lawful possessor of the illegally parked vehicle, of the location of the vehicle, and of the right of the owner of the lawful possessor to recover possession of the vehicle.

Sec. 11-10  Disposal.

In the event the owner or the lawful possessor of a towed away vehicle does not reclaim the same within six months of the date it was towed away, the Village of Pearl City may sell the same at auction or destroy it.  Before doing so, the city will obtain a court order permitting such disposition.

Sec. 11-11  Penalties.

Any person, firm, co-partnership, association or corporation found guilty of violating any provisions of this ordinance, shall be fined not less than $10.00 nor more than $200.00 for each offense.