Chapter 7 - License, Permits & Business Regulations


Sec. 7-1  Manner of making application for licenses and permits; contents.

Applications for all licenses and permits required by this Code or other ordinance of the village shall be made in writing to the village clerk in the absence of provision to the contrary.  Each application shall state the name of the applicant, the permit or license desired, the location to be used, if any, the time covered and the fee to be paid; and each application shall contain such additional information as may be needed for the proper guidance of the village officials in the issuing of the permit or license.

Sec. 7-2  Village clerk to keep forms on file.

 Forms for all licenses and permits, and applications therefor, shall be prepared and kept on file by the village clerk.

Sec. 7-3  Transfer of license.

No license granted under any ordinance shall be assignable or transferrable without the consent of the president and the board of trustees, nor shall any such license be used by any other person than the one to whom the same was issued.  

Sec. 7-4  Signature of village president and clerk required on licenses and permits.

Each license or permit issued by the village shall bear the signatures of the village president or the village clerk in the absence of any provision to the contrary.

ARTICLE II - Junk Dealers

Sec. 7-14  License required.

It shall be unlawful to operate or carry on the business of junk dealer or to keep any junk shop, store or place for the purchase or sale of junk, rags, old rope, papers or bagging, old iron, brass, copper or empty bottles, without having obtained a license therefor as hereinafter provided.

Sec. 7-15  Applications.

Applications for such licenses shall be made in conformance with the provisions of the ordinances relating to licenses.

Sec. 7-16  Fee.

The fee to be paid for an annual license shall be $50.00.

Sec. 7-17  Premises.

Any premises, area or piece or parcel of land licensed and used as a junk yard shall have not more than two entrances and two exits each of which shall not exceed fifteen feet in width at the perimeter of the premises.  Such premises, areas, pieces or parcels of land shall be enclosed with either a solid non-transparent wall or fence or link-weave steel wire or combination thereof with a minimum height of seven feet from ground level excepting for entrances and exits.  The fence or wall shall not contain any poster or advertising of any kind excepting one sign of the licensee not exceeding one hundred square feet in size.

Sec. 7-18  Vehicles.

Every vehicle used by a junk dealer in the conduct of his business, shall bar thereon in legible characters the name and address of the owner and proprietor thereof.

Article III.  Peddlers & Transient Vendors.

Sec. 7-20  Definitions.

(a) Peddler means a person who shall sell, offer for sale at retail or as a commission merchant or barter or exchange any goods, wares, or merchandise traveling from place to place along or upon the streets or alleys of the village or at the doors of houses, apartments or stores, or who shall offer for sale or sell and deliver immediately from push-cart, automobiles, other vehicle or stand, shall for the purposes of this ordinance, be deemed a peddler.

(b) Solicitors means any person calling at residences without the previous consent of the occupant for purpose of soliciting orders, sales, subscriptions, or business of any kind.

Sec. 7-21  Necessity for License.

It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to engage in the business of peddler of any merchandise, article or thing without having first obtained a license therefor as herein provided.

Sec. 7-22  Applications.

Applications for such licenses shall be made in conformance with the provisions of the ordinances relating to licenses.

Sec. 7-23  Fees.

The fee to be paid for such license shall be $25.00 per week or in the case of daily peddlers, $5.00 per day.

Sec. 7-24  Exemptions from Article.

The provisions of this article shall not apply to officers or employees of the village, county, state or federal government, or any subdivision thereof, when on official business.

Sec. 7-25  Charitable Solicitations.

(a) Any person who desires to solicit in the village for charitable purposes shall first apply to the village board of trustees and shall prove to the satisfaction of the board of trustees that the purpose of the solicitation is, in fact, charitable.

(b) The village board of trustees, upon being satisfied that the purpose of the proposed solicitation is charitable, mat in their discretion waive the license fee.  The Village Board may fix the dates when such solicitation may be made and impose other reasonable regulations as they deem appropriate.

Sec. 7-26  Violations.

Each violation of the terms of this ordinance shall be punishable by a fine of not less than Fifty Dollars ($50.00) nor more than Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) for each offense and each day that a violation continues to be deemed a separate offense.

Sec. 7-27  Duty to carry and exhibit registration certificate.

Each person shall, at all times while soliciting in the village, carry upon his person the registration certificate issued pursuant to this article, and the same shall be exhibited by the registrant whenever he is required to do so by any police officer or any person solicited.

Sec. 7-28  Revocation; grounds. 

Any registration certificate issued pursuant to this article may be revoked by the village president for any violation of this article, other ordinance of the village, or of any state or federal law, or whenever the registrant shall cease to possess the qualifications and character required in this article for the original issuance of the certificate.