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     The Water & Sewer commitee for 2010-2011 consists of Chairman Dave Dixon, Commitee member James Westaby, and Commitee member Willaim Backus.  Rob Knoup is the Public Works Superintendent and is a licensed class B water operator, licensed class 4 wastewater operator, and licensed cross-connection control inspector.

     The Village of Pearl City utilizes two deep wells pulling water from an aquifer.  Well #3 is located along Pearl City Road and the well depth is 625 feet.  Well #4 is located on Devore Street and has a well depth of 665 feet.  The average water usage is 75,000 gallons per day.  The raw (untreated) and finished (treated) water are tested according to the USEPA, IEPA, and Dept. of Public health regulations.  Examples of samples tested are Inorganic Contaminants, Volatile Organic Contaminants, Synthetic Organic Contaminants, Nitrates/Nitrites, Lead & Copper, Iron & Manganese, and Radionuclides. A copy of testing results can be obtained from the Village Hall.

     The Water distribution system has been significantly upgraded in the last ten years.  A larger storage facility was constructed in 2000 which contains 150,000 gallons of potable water.  Nearly 60% of the water mains were replaced in 2001 with six-inch C-900 PVC mains.  To date almost the entire water distribution system was constructed no later than 1988.   Currently the village maintains seventy one fire hydrants for flushing and fire protection and multiple valves for water main isolations.

        The Sanitation system includes a collection system and three cell lagoon treatment facility.  The wastewater is biologically treated in the process, then filtered through a rock filter, then through a sand/gravel filter.  At this point the treated wastewater is discharged into the Yellow Creek Watershed.  An average of 65,000 to 75,000 gallons of water are treated daily.

      An emergency plan has been adopted for the Village's Public Works sytem.  Primary and secondary setback zones are enforced which protect the ground water supply from contamination.  These "setback zones" allow enforcement of any potential sites, which could cause contaminants to enter the ground water supply, within 1,000 feet of each munincipal well.  The Water & Sewer systems are also protected with stand-by generators in the event of power failures.  A cross-connection control ordinance is also in effect to prevent contaminants from "back-siphoning" into the distribution system such as boilers, chemical plants, etc..

     The billing program for Village utilities is through a "coupon book" method.  Residents are required to pay monthly for a combination of Water Usage, Sanitation Usage, and Garbage collection.  The Village does not meter the water usage for each household therefore a flat rate is used.  1 occupant = 28.75, 2 occupants = 33.08, 3 or more occupants =35.96.

     For scheduled water shut-offs, new construction installation, please call the Village Hall (815) 443-2141.  For emergency situations or after hours, contact (815) 541-0464.

        Current Projects   
     Kelsey Construction of Davis, Illinois has been awarded the contract to renovate The Sanitary Treatment Plant.
     Summary:  The dike level on the primary lagoon will be raised and depth increased to roughly 10 feet in depth.  Aereation and a new rock filter will be added to increase capacity and enhance the treatment capabilities.  The secondary lagoon cell as well as the existing rock and sand filters will be eliminated creating a lesser "foot-print" in the area for flooding issues.  This project will increase our treatment capacity to nearly a 1500 user system from a 750 user system.
        Future Water & Sewer Concerns




        1)  Replacement of a four-inch water main located on South Street.

        2)  Water "looping" of mains to eliminate any "dead end" mains.

        3)  Water treatment procedures to meet future USEPAand IEPA standards (such as nitrates, nitrites, radionuclides, etc.)