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Streets & Alleys

     The Village of Pearl City has been very pro-active on it's Streets & Alley maintenance program in the last 10 years.  The committee has committed to the asphalt overlay (black-topping) of the streets as opposed to the seal-coating that has been used in the past. Asphalt overlaying of the streets provides a longer life and less repairs.

     The Streets & Alleys Committee for 2014-2015 consists of Chairman James Westaby, committee member Robert Asche, committee member Larry Johnson.  Rob Knoup performs the maintenance for the Village.

      2014  Street & Alley Projects

     1)     A Storm Sewer project has been approved on South Street extending into the alley between IL 73 & S. First Street.  This project will alleviate the water draining into a lower area in the alley.

     2)     A parking area along Summit Street
 extending into Lions Park is being discussed as a construction project to increase parking in an already congested  area.  The idea is to create diagonal parking opposite the Pearl City School increases the parking space from 5 spots to 12-15 spots.

     3)     Discussions are currently discussed on the yearly street maintenance program keeping with our 10 year study.

     4)     A storm sewer catch basin has been approved for installation behind the homes of 500, 508, and 514 North Main Street to alleviate the flooding issues in the rear yards.