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 October 1, 2018

Call to order at 7:00 pm by President Knoup

Members answering roll call: President Knoup, Mat Diehl, Jim Westaby, Will Backus, Dave Dixon, Larry Johnson, Jamie Melville and Cheryl Liebenstein.

The minutes from the September meeting were reviewed and accepted without dissent by Jim. Second by Dave. Motion Carried.

The Committee made a motion to pay all bills as presented with additions and corrections made. Second by Jim.  Motion carried.

Jim made a motion to approve the treasurer report as presented. Second by Larry.

No transfer of funds needed.  Jamie noted that she will need to borrow from our Line of Credit to complete the Funeral Home buy-out.

Financial Report

Maintenance Report


Adam was present from Fehr Graham to update our projects.  FEMA received a pay request from Fischer Excavating and it has been approved to pay. Demolition of the Funeral Home will begin shortly.  Asbestos cleanup is scheduled for Tuesday. We have three more properties to complete and two are now getting surveyed for asbestos with the third property still awaiting final paperwork.

As of October, we have spent $812,584.44 of the 2.2 million grant fund.  We still have 1 demo and 3 properties to purchase and demo. There may be funds left from the grant to use for improvements of the vacant lots.

Fischers will need to come back and do cleanup/seeding on the properties that they have demolished.

Safe Route to School – There is a question regarding the appropriate amount to pay on the last invoice.  Adam will make contact and give Jamie the updated amount.

Adam met with Jim, Bob and Rob regarding the water back up on E South St.

Adam is proposing a relief sewer discharge with approximately 1000 ft of new line with 3 manholes.  Cost of this would be around $220,000.00.

Board members are requesting that Fehr Graham run more numbers and look at capacity of lines during rain events and bring more options back to the board.

Will will look at trying to secure some funds from the County Mitigation committee.

Adam reminded the board that we need to look at options of a new well or building up the back up well. We are not forced to make this decision yet, but discussion needs to happen before the back up well goes through another flood.


No Report


Jamie informed the board that she can take debit/credit card payments for water bills through her Quick Books program. Jamie will test the system for a few months before letting the residents use it. Each transaction does come with a fee. Motion was made to move forward with the credit/debit card for the Water and Sewer bills. Roll call vote as follows: Larry-yes, Dave-yes, Will-yes, Jim-yes, Mat-yes, Let the record show 5-yes, 0-no and 1 absent.  Motion carried.

The committee is to meet with Rob regarding the well at the old milk plant. Will need to know when the building is coming down as the well needs to be capped at that time.


No report


Mowing season has slowed down.

The committee will be looking for a camera system to install at the maintenance building to avoid illegal dumping. Rob will post the building for “No Dumping Allowed”


No report


Old Business

The school has agreed to the 27.9% reimbursement from the TIF.  This is the same amount of funds from previous years but due to state changes it is now reimbursed by percentage.

New Business

Trick or Treat hours will be October 31st from 5-7 pm.


Motion to adjourn at 8:25 by Larry, Second by Will.  Motion carried

Attest: Cheryl Liebenstein, Village Clerk