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 November 7, 2016

Call to order at 7:00 pm by President Knoup

Members answering roll call: President Knoup, Bob Asche, Mat Diehl, Jim Westaby, Will Backus, Dave Dixon, Larry Johnson, Jamie Melville and Cheryl Liebenstein.

The minutes from the October meeting were reviewed and accepted without dissent by Bob. Second by Jim. Motion Carried.

The Committee made a motion to pay all bills as presented. Second by Dave. Motion carried.

Jim made a motion to approve the treasurer report as presented, by Jim.

Second by Larry. Motion carried.

Mat made a motion made to transfer $20,000 from Sales Tax account to the General fund.  Motion second by Will.  Motion carried.

Financial Report

Tax Levy will be available at the December meeting.

Maintenance Report

Jim made a motion to allow the committee to look at leveling the lagoon dikes. Motion second by Larry. Motion carried.


Fehr Graham reported that First St. improvements and paving are now complete.

They are now working on the Summit St sidewalks that need to be completed before the grant money is used for the rest of the sidewalks.

Waste Water Project – The punch list for Kelsey Excavating should be completed this week.

The Girl Scout Cadet troop was present to discuss a Civil Award Project. The girls are looking to add a crosswalk on Main Street and Devore St. (from Brinkmeier building to Brew N Chew.  President Knoup informed the girls that the state will not allow pedestrian signs to be put up, but the scouts noted that they only wish for a painted crosswalk. Bob made a motion to approve Rob to paint the crosswalk.  Motion second by Larry.  Motion carried.  President Knoup will contact the state to see what the criteria are for putting up a pedestrian sign at the crosswalk.

Bob Worrall was present to discuss now shoveling of sidewalks.  He is concerned that sidewalks are not getting cleared and does not want to see any injuries from falls. He is mainly concerned with the walks on Main St. in front of the Wolf Den apartment building.

Bob also wanted to note that he had 137 children for Trick or Treat and that all the kids were very polite.


It was suggested that we give a call to JB Schultz, owner of the Wolf Den Apartment building, to inform him of the complaint of snow removal and notify him of the Sidewalk ordinance. This should allow him time to hire out for snow removal.

The committee will look at making changes to the ordinance and vote on the changes in December.

The final Snow Removal ordinance will be posted on the website after approval.

Any snow removal notices given out by the police officers will need to have a follow up done with results noted.

We had several add on for the First St. improvements.  A drop box was removed and replaced.  They also paved the complete alley for an additional $8,000.

We also added an additional 75 ft of curb and gutter.


Rob has noted that the village will need to remove three small trees that homeowners have planted on top of water lines.

We will add a note to our annual letter regarding the planting of trees on water and sewer lines.


No report


No report


The village has received complaints of dogs barking at night on the North side.

The squad car is not running properly and needs to have an intake manifold replaced.  Larry will speak with Fred regarding repairs to the squad.


No report

Old Business

The Walking Path has been staked out and will need to have Joel Kempel look at his portion before any easements will be made.

Jim has also spoke with Fehr Graham regarding several bids for gravel/Lime for the 8 ft. path.

New Business

Reminder that the TIF Joint review meeting will be held December 5th at 6 pm before our regular board meeting.

O’Connor Brooks will be at the December meeting to review our annual audit.

The TIF Extension paper work is now in Springfield and the bill is getting written to present to the Spring Assembly.

Motion to adjourn at 8:20 by Larry, Second by Will.  Motion carried

Attest: Cheryl Liebenstein, Village Clerk