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 May 1, 2017

Call to order at 7:00 pm by President Knoup

Members answering roll call: President Knoup, Bob Asche, Mat Diehl, Jim Westaby, Will Backus, Dave Dixon, Jamie Melville and Cheryl Liebenstein.

The minutes from the April meeting were reviewed and accepted without dissent by Bob. Second by Dave. Motion Carried.

The Committee made a motion to pay all bills as presented. Second by Bob. Motion carried.

Jim made a motion to approve the treasurer report as presented. Second by Mat.

Mat made a motion to transfer $4,000.00 from Sales Tax fund to the General Fund.  Motion second by Jim.  Motion carried.

Financial Report

Maintenance Report

Rob noted that he has a turtle stuck in the pipe at the Lagoon. He is still working to get it out.  The cemetery is almost ready for Memorial Day.

We have one mower in the shop for repair so at this time we only have one mower to work with.


Adam (Fehr Graham) was not available for the meeting so President Knoup reviewed the ongoing projects. 

Bid letting was earlier today for the next round of demolition of the buy-out property. Fehr Graham had to remove the Funeral Home from the bid until some finances are settled with the property.  Low bid was Fischer Excavating at $55,000 then Law Excavating at $55,700.  Dave made a motion to accept the low bid from Fischer at $55,000.  Motion second by Bob.  Motion carried.


Will noted that the Community Development meeting came with both positive and negative comments from the public. The public discussed the greenspace and new business. No date was set for the next meeting.

The concern with fencing made of rebar has been addressed.  Four feet has been removed by the sidewalk and the homeowner has capped the remaining.


Rob will need to address the turtle problem at the lagoon.


Thank You to Jim for helping to mow at the Cemetery before the summer help was hired.


The Cub Scouts are looking to do a clean up day at Mill Pond.  Friends of Mill Pond will bring a list to the board of activities they plan to complete this summer.


No report


Little John’s Tap is ready to operate under new ownership.

Old Business

The attorney is reviewing and writing new ordinances for chickens within the village and for blighted property which is a public hazard.

New Business

The annual TIF Joint Review meeting will be held Tuesday May 8th at 4 pm.

Motion was made by Will to go into closed session for discussion of hiring summer help.  Motion second by Jim.  Motion carried.  7:20 pm

The board resumed regular session at 7:35 pm.  Will made a motion to hire two full time summer positions and one alternate position if Rob feels there is enough work to be done.  Two full time summer positions are Braden Smargiasse and Caleb Tichler at $10.25 per hour and the Alternate is Cade Knoup at $10.00 per hour. If Cade does not accept the position if will be offered to Quinn Schneider.  Roll call vote as follows: Bob-yes, Mat-yes, Jim-yes, Will-yes, Dave-yes.  Let the record show 5-yes, 0-no and 1-absent. Rob will call the help if he needs them before school is out.

Clean Up day will be held May 19th from 8am to 2 pm

Law excavating will be laying sod by the new sidewalks on Tuesday. Fehr Graham will be taking care of the low spot in the sidewalk, that holds water, since this was an error on their part.

Motion was made by Jim to allow the Scouts to help with the clean up day and the village will by them lunch.  Motion second by Bob.  Motion carried.

O’Connor Brooks has sent their engagement letter for the village audits.  New totals are $7,690.00 for the Audit, $2,100.00 for the TIF audit, $450.00 for the Annual Finance report and $425.00 for the Annual Treasurer report for publication.  Motion was made by Will to accept the agreement as presented.  Motion second by Bob.  Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn at 8:10 by Bob, Second by Will.  Motion carried

Attest: Cheryl Liebenstein, Village Clerk