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 March 7, 2018

Call to order at 7:00 pm by President Knoup

Members answering roll call: President Knoup, Bob Asche, Dave Dixon, Jamie Melville and Cheryl Liebenstein. President Knoup will be a voting member tonight to make a full meeting quorum.

The minutes from the February meeting were reviewed and accepted without dissent by Bob. Second by Dave. Motion Carried.

The Committee made a motion to pay all bills as presented with changes. Second by Bob. Motion carried.

Dave made a motion to approve the treasurer report as presented. Second by Mat.

No transfer of funds needed.

Financial Report

Maintenance Report


Blake Voss was present to discuss a change in our ordinances that would allow chickens within the village limits.  He noted that his children have joined 4-H and would like to raise the chickens for their project. Blake informed the trustees that many of the area towns are now allowing backyard laying chickens.  He has spoken with all his neighbors and they are in agreement and he has signed affidavits stating that they are not opposed to him having chickens. Blake also brought forward a proposed ordinance and an application for a chicken permit.

Mat informed Blake that he was impressed with the knowledge and preparation he brought to the meeting. In doing this, many of the concerns have been covered in his sample ordinance and application. Mat noted that he would be in favor for a trial year.  The board will discuss this and make a decision at our April meeting.

Rick Freese was present to discuss our garbage ordinance. He has neighbors who throw their garbage in the backyard and then the dogs and cats tear open the bags. Garbage is flying all over along with cans, plastic and glass.  Rick noted that the neighbors did do a clean up earlier but now it is starting again. President Knoup noted that we do have a garbage ordinance and that this will need to go through the police officers. Mat will speak with Fred and the officers will do a follow-up.


We had a delivery truck knock over a light pole and fall on Brinkmeier’s building.  This has been fixed but Rob noted that we need to check the bases on the remaining light poles as some are not sturdy anymore.

Rob has been laying cold patch on the streets. Bob noted that he did a visual check on the sidewalks after the last snow fall. He noted that it has been difficult to clean Main St. due to cars not being moved. Bob will re write the Snow removal ordinance and include fine amounts.  Changes will be made and strictly enforced next winter.

President Knoup informed the board that they discussed a new street behind BoCo’s new location. The proposed cost for a new street is too high to justify the installation.

President Knoup noted that Fehr Graham thought we should consider drilling a new well next to the existing well and run only one pump at a time. This would allow an easy switch over if we needed to shut one of them down at any time. Adam then suggested that we just cap the old well instead of trying to build it up above flood levels. 


No report


No Report


No report


Crime Stop has given the police department $5,000.00 for a new laptop and computer program. The program needs to run on a network server of some type.  Mat suggested either using a SIM card to convert the laptop to a phone or invest in a cell phone for police use only.  Mat recommends that we get a cell phone for the police to use. They are currently using their own phones for police business. Dave made a motion to add a cell phone for police use only.  Motion second by Bob.  Motion carried.  Mat will take care of purchasing the phone.


Motion was made by Mat to allow Brew & Chew to hold their annual summer event on August 4th from 4 pm to 11:55 pm. This will include the approval to close the street and have an outside beer garden. Motion second by Bob.  Motion carried.

Old Business

President Knoup gave board members a copy of an Ordinance for Structures that is used in an area town.  Members are to make additions or corrections to the ordinance and bring to the April meeting. A final draft will be made by our attorney.

President Knoup signed the low bid for the next round of demolition of the buy out properties. There were 3 bids, Kleckner Excavating for $47,000.00, Northern Illinois for $74,000.00 and Fischer for $67,000.00.  Mat made a motion to approve the low bid from Kleckner for demolition.  Motion second by Bob.  Motion carried.

New Business

The broken light pole has been turned into insurance and we will add on Police hours for traffic control.


Motion to adjourn at 8:40 by President Knoup, Second by Bob.  Motion carried

Attest: Cheryl Liebenstein, Village Clerk