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 November 28, 2017 (December meeting)

Call to order at 7:00 pm by President Knoup

Members answering roll call: President Knoup, Bob Asche, Mat Diehl, Will Backus, Larry Johnson, Jamie Melville and Cheryl Liebenstein.

The minutes from the November meeting were reviewed and accepted without dissent by Bob. Second by Mat. Motion Carried.

The Committee made a motion to pay all bills as presented with changes. Second by Larry. Motion carried.

Mat made a motion to approve the treasurer report as presented. Second by Bob.

Mat made a motion to transfer $15,000.00 from the Sales Tax fund to the General account.  Motion second by Larry.  Motion carried.

Financial Report

The committee made a motion to approve the Tax Levy as presented. Second by Will. Roll Call vote as follows: Bob-yes, /mat-yes, Will-yes, Larry-yes. Let the record show 4-yes, o-no, 2-absent.

Maintenance Report

Rob reported that the Christmas lights are up and new timers have been installed.

Well #3 has passed inspection and is now available to use if we need to. Rob is in the process of flood proofing this well.

Rob noted that he will pick up leaves for one more week then he will be done for the season.

New and updated maps are being worked on for the Cemetery.

The part time help for snow removal will also assist in snow removal on the sidewalks of the properties the Village has acquired. A new snow brush has been ordered for the tractor.


Residents of the Windhaven Subdivision were present to question if the sidewalk will be completed all the way to Walgren Rd. President Knoup informed them that the last section was not in the plans for the Safe Route to School grant, but that the board had voted to complete the section of sidewalk to run all the way to Walgren Rd. Residents also requested that the sidewalk snow removal ordinance be enforced for safety of those walking.

Public members also inquired if the board had made any decisions on the parking and safety issues in Windhaven subdivision.  President Knoup noted that we will be painting the curbs for no parking 35 feet from the intersection on both sides of the street.  This should allow room for service vehicles to get in and out. If this does not alleviate the problem the board will look at other alternatives.


Safe Route to School sidewalks are nearly installed. Will continue to work on the section to Walgren Rd until winter weather sets in.  All sod work will be done in the spring.  The contract states they have until July to complete the landscaping.


Reported that most of the delinquent bills have been caught up.


No Report


Purchased a broom sweeper for snow removal on the sidewalks.

Rock River would like to present to the board a presentation for energy solutions for the village. The committee will have them come to a future board meeting.


No report


A special permit was issued for the Baseball/Basketball benefit.  The state now requires a letter stating the approval of the permit before a permit will be issued.

Old Business

New Business

The January meeting will be held Tuesday January 2nd due to the holiday.

President Knoup would like to request that we take money from the general account to allow for the demolition of all of the remaining properties of the Flood Buy-Out. We would only use the General account if needed after we receive the money from the State from the first round of demolition.

Motion was made by Mat to authorize $525,000.00 to be pulled from the General account for demolition of the remaining 10 properties if needed.  Motion second by Will.  Motion carried.

President Knoup noted that the Legion did accept Harry Bowen’s offer for the property.  Harry will move the gas/Convenience store items to the Legion site.  The deal is not complete at this time.  The board will need plans for street improvement to accommodate semi traffic in that area.

With the New Year’s Eve falling on Sunday, President Knoup has approved the extension of the liquor sale times to 1 AM.

Motion to adjourn at 7:45 by Larry, Second by Bob.  Motion carried

Attest: Cheryl Liebenstein, Village Clerk