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 August 5, 2019


Call to order at 7:00 pm by President Knoup

Members answering roll call: President Knoup, Bob Asche, Mat Diehl, Jim Westaby, Dave Dixon, Kirk Knoup, Cheryl Liebenstein and Jamie Melville.

The minutes from the July meeting were reviewed and accepted without dissent by Bob. Second by Jim.  Motion Carried.

Jim made a motion to pay all bills as presented with additions and corrections made. Second by Bob.  Motion carried.

Jim made a motion to approve the treasurer report as presented. Second by Kirk.

Kirk made a motion to transfer $16,000.00 from Sales account to the General fund.  Motion second by Kirk.  Motion carried.

Maintenance Report


Amy Krolow and Nicki Keltner were present to question the Greenspace projects and what was being done in the Prairie area. Rob informed them that we cleaned the small creek out, sloped the banks back and reseeded the whole area.  

The Greenspace committee will now take over the Prairie area and plan it out. It was noted that the hanging baskets downtown were not looking well.  Rob informed them that some have been replaced and that they water every morning.  Rob hopes to try a different variety of plants next year.  President Knoup also noted that we could adopt out the baskets if anyone was interested.  All of the brackets are adjustable and the baskets can be lowered.

Amy and Nicki commented that there are grant opportunities coming up for the greenspace areas.

Tom Schultz reported that he is still getting trash and junk running through his property after hard rains. Rob reported that the rock work is done and he needs to level dirt and reseed, but he will look at it again to see if something else can be done.

The last flood buy-out house has been closed on. Will need to have the asbestos removed and will begin demolition on the 12th or 13th.


24 notices were given out for late water payments.


Breezeway/Gusty Trail streets need to have repairs done before the streets are repaved.  Most storm sewer drop boxes will need to be repaired at a cost of approximately $1000.00 each. 20 inlets to be repaired and 3 inlets with curb and gutter.  The repairs will run an additional $57,956.00.

Kirk made a motion to have the work completed before the repaving.  Motion second by Bob.  Motion carried.


Kirk reported that signs and cameras have been installed at the Maintenance yard due to illegal dumping.



The State of Illinois has passed recreational marijuana effective 1-1-2020. Villages can adopt ordinances to not allow a business for the sale of marijuana.  If allowed, the business would have to be controlled by a license with restrictions of use and sales. The board will need to study this before any decisions are made.



President Knoup feels we need a more structured program with the issuance of any special liquor license permits. He feels the licensed holder should be the one to request the special permit and that it should be required that they come before the board to make the request. We do not charge for special permits but the State does charge $150.00. He feels that the permits should be applied for 60 days or more in advance. The board members are to think about this and setting limitations as to where the permits can be used.

Old Business

The Bowen committee met with Chip Bowen.  Chip would like an entrance for the gas station on Route 73. We did not receive an answer from FEMA regarding the building of a street in the flood zone.  The project has a lot of work to do and many challenges to overcome before a gas station can even be built on the site.

New Business

The Community Development committee has requested that the board have an Annexation Property Agreement drawn up by our lawyer. Mat is requesting that the committee come to a board meeting.

Motion to adjourn at 8:30 by Bob.  Motion second by Kirk.  Motion carried.

Attest: Cheryl Liebenstein, Village Clerk